The Dalton Street Salon

Salon Offer for HASSRA Staff (perfect as Christmas Gifts!)

Girl in hairdressers

The Dalton Street Salon prides themselves in offering their clients a high quality hair & beauty services in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Due to the success of our corporate promotion, we are re-launching it for those who missed out last time, or to be purchased as Christmas gifts.

With our Deluxe Pamper Package for just £39.95 you will ALL 4 of the following salon visits:

Visit 1:

  • Cut & Blow Dry
  • inc Shampoo, Conditioning & Mini Head Massage

Visit 2:

  • Highlights (15 foils)
  • inc Shampoo, Conditioning
  • Mini Head Massage & Blow Dry

Visit 3:

  • Mini Manicure & Mini Pedicure
  • (file & polish on hands and feet)

Visit 4:

  • Second Cut & Blow Dry!
  • inc Shampoo, Conditioning & Mini Head Massage

The package also comes with a bonus section giving you extra discounts on other services if wanted.

This all has a total value of £200. With a Deluxe Pamper Package you receive ALL 4 VISITS FOR £39.95 TOTAL!

You have up to 8 months to complete your 4 visits. And yes you may purchase as gifts for partners, friends and family.

How do I purchase a Deluxe Pamper Package or enquire? Call Alex Sawyer, our marketing representative from Elevate UK, on one of the numbers below. State who you work for and he will answer any questions. These package cards are prepaid so Alex can take payment over the phone and you’ll receive your Corporate Pamper Package card the next day.

Mobile: 07850 595 087
Office: 0208 226 4128
(It might be easier calling his mobile as our office lines are always busy)

Once again we only have a limited number of packages so don’t miss out! 

The Dalton Street Salon:
32 John Dalton Street,
M2 6DN


Disclaimer: we are just advertising this offer, if you take the offer up then the “contract” is with the company, not HASSRA NW.