The event

On the day of the event you, or the contact for the day if you are unable to attend yourself, should:

  • Arrive well before the designated start time to ensure that you can greet competitors and record their attendance.
  • Ensure you have your mobile phone available for members or officials to contact you should they be delayed.
  • Sign off H&S and Covid-19 risk assessments, and confirm that all arrangements are in place.
  • Explain the rules and be prepared to answer any questions.
  • Make any payments required, ensuring that expenditure vouchers are completed as appropriate.
  • Complete the results template.
  • Announce results and present prizes and, if applicable, trophy.
  • Ask the winner[s] to complete a wear & tear stencil if awarded a trophy.
  • If the event is a regional qualifier for a National final provide the winner[s] with the necessary information and advise that written confirmation will be issued.