Gym Based Triathlon

Venue and Timings

This event will be held on Saturday 4th July. It will be held indoors and will consist of a 5km treadmill run, a 10km cycle and a 3km row using appropriate equipment at the Sports and Wellness Hub.

Event Format and Rules

Each region will be invited to select a maximum of one man and one woman to take part in this competition.

Competitors will be divided into two groups with a maximum of 12 in each group. The start time of each group will be staggered to ensure the availability of equipment and accurate timekeeping.

A full set of rules will be issued to all competitors prior to the event.

Kit and Equipment

Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn.

Lunch and water will be provided. Competitors are advised to keep themselves suitably hydrated at all times.

Further Information

For further information about parti­cipa­tion in this event, or the regional qualifier, please contact your Regional Event Manager.