Types of insurance

Third Party Public Liability

This is the most important insurance that any company or organisation must have to protect itself against claims from third parties who allege that they have incurred a loss caused by negligent action (or inaction).

National HASSRA pays an annual insurance premium to cover the Association and all its affiliated associations and clubs in respect of legal liability for damage or accident to the persons or property of third parties, including fire and/or explosion and food and drink poisoning. Cover under this policy protects against claims of up to £5,000,000 for any single incident.

If any club receives a claim from any party who alleges that they have suffered a loss caused by negligent actions at a HASSRA organised event or activity, such claims should be referred immediately to the relevant HASSRA regional association.

Only events and activities organised by HASSRA affiliated clubs and associations are covered by this policy. If a group of staff choose to organise an event or activity outside the auspices of the HASSRA organisation, this policy will not extend to cover any subsequent claims that may arise. As this may expose individuals to considerable risk of litigation and compensation claims, staff organising any activities not under the auspices of a HASSRA club are strongly advised to consider taking out appropriate insurance.

Fidelity Insurance

This is to provide a club with an element of protection against dishonesty by an officer or servant. It does not remove the responsibility of the Committee to exercise due diligence in all procedures. Such insurance is normally only necessary where the turnover of the club is particularly high.

Fire, Burglary & Theft

Full cover should be obtained for substantial assets in the shape of equipment, very valuable trophies and stock or other valuable assets.

Personal Accident Insurance

Clubs are under no obligation to provide personal accident insurance to cover the risk of injury in the normal course of HASSRA related events and activities. In such circumstances it is for the individual to consider their insurance needs and to take out the necessary insurance cover.

The above information is by no means exhaustive as there are many other types of insurance that can apply. However, for most affiliated HASSRA clubs, the main thing to know is that events and activities staged under the auspices of the club are covered by the Third Party Public Liability insurance that HASSRA purchases nationally. Other insurances may be needed, subject to local circumstances, but this is not the norm and very much depends on the type and size of club involved.

If a club is in anyway unsure about whether additional insurance might be appropriate, please check with your relevant HASSRA Region.