Valentine Poems

The winning poem was number 13 below, runner-up number 14 both by Clint Williams from Worthing. Thank you to everyone who sent in their Valentines poems and slogans.

1) Love is…

Cleaning up the mess his dog has made everywhere after it’s murdered yet another feather duster…

2) Valentine

All valiant rivals did pine

For Valerie, a lass so fine.

The lads of Newcastle

For boat trips did hassle

And bade her, “Be my Val in Tyne!”

3) Written on a card attached to flowers

‘If love was a photograph it would be a framed picture of you, sitting on the mantelpiece in my heart’

4) The Yellow Shirt

I looked up and there you were, you with your yellow shirt and blond hair.

Could I make you mine and will you care, you with your yellow shirt and blond hair.

Now here we are 39 years later, your all mine and you have always cared

You with your yellow shirt and now grey hair.

5) Shallow Valentine

I pledge to you my love, my life

My heart, forever true.

I pledged the same last Valentine

But I can’t recall to who!

6) Toilet Rolls

Roses are red.

Violets are Blue,

Even though you don’t replace the toilet roll

I still love you.

7) My Love…

My love is like a rainbow
All colours in the sky
It shines so very brightly
That it hits me in the eye.
My love is like a pillow
All soft and warm and squidgy
It sits and tweets and coos all day
Just like a big fat pidgy.
My love is like a piece of fruit
All healthy fresh and sweet
It jumps right from the fruit bowl
And knocks me off my feet.

8) I fell in love with you

I fell in love with you

And love made us two

We go together like ham and cheese

We make each other feel at ease

You lift me up when I am down

You light up my crown

Happy Valentines to you

My one and only boo

9) Roses are...

Roses are Red, violets are blue let’s join HASSRA as I love you! …..share the LOVE
The best to join for life, love & laughter ❤️

10) Oh!

Oh My God

You’re a Slob

 But I love you ♥

11) Briefly....

I’ve had worse

12) But...

I’ve had better

13) If I Were:

If I were an hour

And you were a clock

Time would stand still

And our hearts would lock

If I were the stars

And you were the Sun

The light from our bodies

Would shine as one

If I were a wave

And you were the sea

Our love would flow

For the world to see

If I were a cloud

And you were the sky

You’d be the raindrops

That shine in my eyes

If I were a flame

And you were the fire

The heat from our love

Would burn with desire

If I were a branch

And you were the tree

I’ll stay by your side

For eternity

If I were a poem

And you were the verse

I would love you

For better or worse

But I remain me

And though this is true

I’ll dream of the world

And give it to you

14) Butterflies:

My butterflies have awoke

From slumber long and deep

My thoughts can hardly focus

My body barely sleep

You melt me with your presence

Your whispers tantalise

Oh Valentine, I pray to you

This never ever dies