'Who am I?' Quiz

£250 for winner £50 for Two Runners-up!

Please Note: Cut-off date for this competition is August 21st. Apologies for any confusion.

Two clues, one for the first name, one for the surname. We've given you the answer to Question One to show you how it works.

  1. Well loved comic actor

His first: A patron Saint – his second : With the Argonauts Answer: David Jason

  1. An actor with a war-time foil

His first: a welcoming saint – his second: a place to cook

  1. An actor whose character lives in a statis­ti­cally dangerous place

His first: A gospel author – His second: stinging weeds

  1. A businessman who founded a large-ish company

His first: A request for payment of expenses – His second: Multiple barriers to yards, gardens etc.

  1. An American actor and nephew

His first: he shares with Santa – His second: something for keeping birds in.

  1. An actor - boldly going where no-one has gone before

His first: forms a pattern that crosses – His second: a tree.

  1. Author of book about a Dusky column

His first: the name of a feast – His second: a royal.

  1. A media personality with a famous ancestry

Her first: the city of romance – Her second: somewhere to stay

  1. An actor – the elf that went to the Caribbean

His first: a place near Lake Buena Vista – His second: what roses do

  1. Leads over the pond

His first: a famous duck – His second: the card that beats them all

  1. ‘Marmite’ rugby boss

His first: sounds like a whirlpool – His second: could be ‘Bridget’

  1. Court champ

His first: Mrs Capp’s other half – His second: too good to hurry mint?

  1. A legend at the tee

His first: A big cat – His second: where the bears live

  1. Former girl band member

Her first: a bit uppity – Her second: ‘Old’ or ‘all’

  1. Porcine puppet

Her first: didn’t hit the target – Her second: bit of a slob?

  1. Royal exile

His first: the artist previously known as ….. His second: ‘Know what I mean Mr. Carpenter?’

  1. Cooks for Jules?

His first: son of rednapp – His second: The Bart’s orphan

  1. Ex england footballer turned race horse trainer

His first: an amplified stick – His second: sounds like an Irish river

  1. Crime writer from Brighton

His first: always ‘blue’ for kids – His second: Ex-army mr. straight-talking singer

  1. Media loudmouth

His first: They’re all out at sea – His second: the captain’s rum?



Send your answers, along with your name, office name and new HASSRA Live membership number to the HASSRA South East email box putting ‘Who am I’ in the subject box (your entry may be disqualified if this is not done) by August 21st.

Terms & Conditions: Entries will only be accepted from HASSRA South East members. Only the first entry received from each member will be accepted; subsequent emails relating to this event will be deleted. All entries must come from the individuals own account, either work or personal. Entries without the full details requested above will be deemed incorrect. The winners will be notified by email. Prizes will be paid by BACS and winners will be asked to provide their bank account details to facilitate this. By entering into this competition you are agreeing to allow your name to be published on the HASSRA South East Internet web-site. Winners and runners-up will be drawn by random.