Why aren't you getting SE Newsletters?

The monthly South East HASSRA newsletter is a brief document bringing South East members up to date on Regional news and items that we believe will be of interest to you. If you haven’t been receiving it so far there are a few easily rectified reasons.

The Newsletter is going into your ‘Junk’ folder

Make sure you look through your Junk folder regularly. Some of the National emails may have been diverted there as well.

You haven’t yet signed up for HASSRA Live

If not, Click Here and follow the simple instruc­tions, making sure you enter your Region as ‘South East’ and input the email address you want your HASSRA Newsletters and offers to be sent to. This can be either your own home address or your DWP address. HASSRA will never give your address out to other firms

You have either failed to enter an email address or you have changed your email address

If you think this may be the case, sign in to National HASSRA Live, go to ‘My Profile’ and update your details, remembering to Click on “Update your membership information” when finished.