Why vouchers?

The reason why we give out Love2shop vouchers rather than good, hard money for our prizes is because the bank we deal with, like many other banks around, will not provide organisations with cheques. We do not have the access to pay directly into staff salary accounts either so the only way we can pay out cash is by bank transfer. So many of our members have been loath to give over bank details that, simply trying to give winners their prizes turns into a major job of work for our volunteers. One winner even insisted the regional committee member trying to pay them go onto ‘Teams’ so that they could actually see who was asking for their details, even though the request came from an official DWP email address. I’m afraid you can’t argue us into paying out a different way because we simply haven’t got the ability to use a different way of paying out.

We decided to pay out the ‘Big South East Giveaway’ in money rather than vouchers so that the winners would get their prizes before Christmas. Sadly, despite numerous notices on the Newsletter, the website, on additional advertising and, in case anyone missed these ‘warnings’, on the competition itself, winners still questioned this and made it hard work for our volunteers.

Please check the competition you are entering carefully and see if it is offering vouchers or money as prizes. If it is a money prize and you are not willing to give over your details so that you can be paid, it would be better if you did not enter and instead waited for a competition that offered vouchers instead as prizes. Most of our competitions now give vouchers.

And if you do win vouchers, please try to remember to acknowledge that you’ve received them with a return email – remember, for regional business there’s a volunteer at the other end sending out your winnings in their own time!