Charity fund

Charity fund

We have now launched the Plymouth HASSRA Charity Fund!!

Are you running a marathon for charity and would like some help with sponsorship?  Do you want to throw yourself out of a plane but need to raise some funds first?  We may be able to help!  We have set aside some funding specifically for charitable requests and would love to be able to give your charity a helping hand.

Please email with details of your event/charity and we will be in contact.

Each application will be limited to £25 for individuals and £50 for team requests.
Each application will be decided on by the HASSRA committee. 

In the event of multiple applications for the same charitable event we reserve the right to restrict payments to the first applications (number to be decided by the committee)

There is a limited amount of funding available and once it is used we will not be able to support any further claims until the next annual allocation,