Table Top Gaming

TTG imageTable Top Gaming Section

We hold sessions every Friday from 4pm in BP5235. If you are interested you can stop by, or you can contact us at:

If we secure enough members there will also be scope to invite associate members from outside HMRC and DWP.

We understand that some people might prefer one type of game to another but we have plenty of room for multiple games per session and plenty of members to take part. Eventually we will be looking into local competitions and tournaments that we can participate in as a section.

 Some of our regular games include :  Role Playing Games (Eg, Dungeons & Dragons)  Table top War Gaming (Eg, Warhammer) And a large variety of board and card games.

 It doesn’t have to end there. Any additional suggestions will be welcomed, and you can bring your own games if you wish.  When you join there will be an annual subscription of £20 (which goes towards our own funds) and NESLC have helped by providing us with funding for essential tools and equipment needed to hold these sessions. They will also support us when entering tournaments and competitions! So the more people interested the better.

If interested, contact:  

Matthew Chijioke