Organise and attend committee meeting

Committees should aim to meet once a month where possible.

If face-to-face meetings are not always possible, virtual meetings over Microsoft Teams (or similar video conferencing facility) should be considered.

To limit the impact on the business, meetings should be succinct and last no more than one hour.

Two weeks before the planned meeting, the Secretary should:

  • book venue and catering, if necessary
  • write to the committee members advising the date, venue and start/end times of the meeting
  • ask for confirmation of attendance
  • request any agenda items
  • ask for updates on outstanding actions (if appropriate)

One week before the meeting, the Secretary should:

  • issue a final agenda
  • issue minutes of last meeting
  • issue any other papers submitted for discussion

It may also be necessary to:

  • discuss and confirm additional requirements with any invited guests
  • provide the venue with a list of attendees
  • confirm catering arrangements

At the meeting:

  • the Chair will need to appoint a minute taker. The minute taker must ensure that names of all attendees and apologies are clearly recorded, along with any decisions and/or action points.
  • the Treasurer should provide a finance report, giving all those attending an opportunity to raise any concerns or issues.

After the meeting:

  • minutes should normally be issued to all attendees within a week of the meeting.