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HASSRA East of England covers staff located in offices within the following counties Bedford­shire, Cambrid­geshire, Essex (not including London boroughs), Hertfo­rd­shire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Below is a message from your HASSRA East of England BOM.

Just a quick update from the Board Of Management (BOM) to let members know that the region will be continuing to run its programme of competitions and free draws for the remainder of this year with the current level of prizes on offer to exceed £24,000.  Feedback received suggests these continue to be popular with members so we will continue to run them. In addition, as lockdown eases we also will be making one off cash grants available to local clubs which they can apply for to organise local activities or events to celebrate what will hopefully be a better year-end.

BOM is also keen to hear from members for any ideas they may have that would help engage and support members working in the office or at home over the coming months.  If you do have any suggestions then please send them by email to the regional inbox - Hassra.eastofengland@dwp.gov.uk.  All ideas will be considered by a BOM subgroup and you will be contacted to let you know if the region will be able to take on your idea.

If you are reading this update you will have activated your HASSRA Live account.  Brilliant!!  However, the region has just over 650 members who have yet to do so and as a result are missing out on so much HASSRA has to offer.  Here’s where we need your help.  If you know of a colleague who is a HASSRA member could you ask them if they use HASSRA Live and if they don’t please encourage them to activate their account?  If they need help to do this then please ask them to contact their local club officials or ask them to send an email to the regional inbox above and someone from BOM will contact them.

 We will also be sending a message via local club chairs to issue to all members in the their clubs but your help will also be greatly appreciated.

The Board of Management would also like to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt thank you to Rick Rhodes who many of you know and who recently left the Department.

The East of England region was fortunate to have had such a passionate and committed Regional Chair, latterly President, who enthu­si­as­ti­cally lead, shaped and changed the way in which the region was being run.  From day one Rick was clearly focussed on what the region needed to do to offer the very best support and engagement to all its members.­  His high energy and creativity were pivotal in suggesting and promoting new ideas both in the way the region operated and the offerings for members. He was instrumental in introducing and organising activities such as trips to Ibiza, beach hut stays, water rafting, flu jabs, Tastecards and so much more.  Frustra­tingly for him, he never did achieve his goal of buying a caravan on the Norfolk coast for members to hire!!  Rick’s most significant achievement was when the Region achieved the National Best Association Award in 2015.  It was the first time the region had won the award and came about as a result of all that Rick had done to introduce and support new and innovative activities for members, changing and improving the way the region was organised and run, having a robust financial strategy, introducing the use of social media to connect with members and again so much more.  This achievement would not have been possible without him at the helm.

Thank you Rick for all this and more.  You are missed.




We have also seen the launch of HASSRA live https://­www.­hassra.­org.­uk/ - please register and take advantage of the excellent offers available to membership.




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