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Hello everyone I’ve recently taken over from Andrew Marzolini as East of England vice chair. I’ve known Andrew for many years and I think we all appreciated the great work that he did. I’m not promising that I can meet Andrew’s high standards however I’m committed to doing the best I can working with our Board of Management.

Some of you will already know me as I’ve been a HASSRA member for 36 years and regularly attend the festivals. I’m also the Regional organiser for the coarse angling.

I think we all join HASSRA for different reasons as it has so much to offer however it would be good to hear from members about what events they’d like to see offered locally. I’d also ask you to encourage colleagues who are non-members to consider joining; we will also be seeing a number of new people joining DWP in the next few months so it would also be good if you could make them aware of HASSRA. I was asked to join on my first day in the Department and have enjoyed it ever since!


HASSRA East of England Vice Chair

Matthew 'Matty' Sole

It is with great sadness that I have to share with HASSRA members the passing os an East of England Legend. 

The centre of everything positive and funny at local Yarmouth events and in particular the HASSRA Festivals. Matty was buried with his HASSRA Festival lanyard. His HASSRA family really meant the world to him. 

Our thought sare with his family and his HASSRA friends at this difficult time. 

Stephen Lankester (Stephen.lankester@dwp.gov.uk)

HASSRA East of England Chair