HASSRA Fylde Roll of Honour - Regional Best Volunteer


HASSRA Fylde Roll of Honour 

The Whittaker Trophy - Volunteer of the Year

This trophy is awarded to the HASSRA member who is deemed to have contributed most to the Association in a voluntary capacity in the nomination year.

                     2002   Dave Armstrong

                     2003   Andy Lester

                     2004   Nick Hume

                     2005   Nick Hume

                     2006   Karen Clarke

                     2007   Bob Veitch

                     2008   Martin Spencer

                     2009   Anthony Buckles

                     2010   Patricia Jones

                     2011   Patricia Jones

                     2012   Ian Davies

                     2013   Mike Simmonds

                     2014   Andrew Jones

                     2015   Bill Ellison

                     2016   Simon Jowitt

                     2017   Simon Jowitt

                     2018   Richard Thomas

               2019 Adam Ball

                    2020   Simon Jowitt