HASSRA Wales Discount Scheme

Concert crowd


HASSRA Wales Discount Scheme is open to all HASSRA Wales members and allows them to claim a  refund, after the event has taken place, towards the ticket costs associated with attending NON sporting events in the UK such as Concerts and Theatre performances.

Claims MUST be made AFTER the event has been attended*  

The scheme has been updated with changes that apply from 1st February 2022.

With effect from 1st February 2022 members can claim the full ticket(s) cost up to a maximum of £25.

Twice** per calendar year HASSRA Wales  members can reclaim  the purchase cost of tickets, or £25 (whichever is the lesser amount), for a non sporting event that takes place in the UK. This scheme applies to the member attending the event and covers one additional partner, or guest, and any of the member's children.         

For example:

  • You and  your partner attend an event and the cost of each ticket was £11.50. You can submit a claim for the full  cost of  the tickets, £23 
  • You, your partner and 2 children  attend an event for which tickets are £5 each. You can submit a claim for all 4 tickets, costing £20 in total, and are entitled to be paid £20
  • You and 2 friends attend an event for which tickets are £21 each. You can submit a claim for yourself and one guest and are entitled to be paid the maximum of £25

Claims made before 31st January for any event within the preceding 12 months will count as a claim for the previous year where the maximum number of claims have not already been paid**.

From 1st February 2022 any claim made for an event in the preceding 12 months will be counted towards the member's two claim limit for 2022

  • Amount payable, for each event, is limited to £25 or the cost of tickets, whichever is the lesser amount
  • Claims should be made AFTER attending the event and should be submitted with copies of tickets or ticket stubs* 
  • Theme parks, Zoos, Stately homes  etc are regarded as venues or attractions, not events. Claims on entry tickets for these are not eligible under this scheme

To apply online click here.

Please note: A change to the claim document has been commissioned but may take some time to take effect. Please apply the rules described above when making a claim.

*Any claims made before the event will be rejected.  Early claims, that have been rejected on that basis,  may be re-submitted  after the event has been attended

**Usually members are entitled to claim under the scheme once per year. In recognition of  the increased appetite to attend events following  COVID 19 restrictions, the number of claims allowed is raised to two a year until  at least 31st January 2023