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Update of July Festival -


National HASSRA recently wrote to Regions to update them on the latest position regarding the July Festival and to seek agreement on whether we should continue with the planning to hold the event.

Of the 12 Regions -

·                 One wants to cancel now.

·                 Two want to suspend planning (but not cancel).

·                 Nine want to continue planning.

 In discussion with the Regional Chair, Stephen Lankester and our Festival organiser, Paula Burman, our view was that we should suspend planning but not cancel.  Our preference would have been to cancel now but given a small number of contractual issues, delaying the decision to cancel for a few more weeks could mean National HASSRA would not lose the event deposit paid to Warwick University.

We are all coming to terms with the current lockdown and restrictions that are likely to continue for sometime to come and even when we reach the point that restrictions may be eased, we feel it is unlikely that these will be eased to such an extent to allow an event of between 475 - 600 people to take place.  We know that other regions don’t share this view.

With the majority of Regions wanting to continue with planning, National HASSRA has decided to continue negotiations with Warwick University in the event that the Festival does go ahead.

That said, for our Region we will not be undertaking any further canvassing of interest from our members as a participant or volunteer.  We will not be undertaking any qualifying events.  We know that people in our offices are extremely busy, many are off work to and given the uncer­ta­in­ties many would be reluctant to commit to attending. 

We will keep a close eye on developments and will let you know if anything changes.

 Should you have any queries on the above please send these to - hassra.eastofengland@dwp.gov.uk

 Andrew Marzolini - HASSRA EofE Vice-Chair



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