Merge with another HASSRA Club

To merge two or more HASSRA clubs, the club committees should meet to discuss what should happen to the assets of the respective clubs.

Once a decision has been made to merge, please notify:

  • your HASSRA Region.
  • the HASSRA Live team using the Help Desk function on the HASSRA website.
    The HASSRA Live team will need to re-assign members to the merged club. This is essential to ensure future rebate payments are calculated and distributed correctly. It may be possible for the HASSRA Live team to-reassign all members in bulk, or they may need to be done individually.

The club(s) closing should then follow the guidance in How to Close a HASSRA Club. However, instead of selling off assets and transferring any unspent monies to the region, any assets and remaining balance should be transferred to the ‘new merged club’ bank account.

Once all the assets and funds have been transferred, the Treasurer shall:

  • Close the club bank account.
  • Prepare a final set of accounts (including a balance sheet which shows £0 funds remaining).
  • Arrange for a final audit to be undertaken.
  •  Send a copy of the final audited accounts to the Regional Finance Manager. The accounts must be submitted online by the Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer using HASSRA Live. See video tutorial.
  • [Note – if the submit accounts button is not visible, please contact us using the Chat function on the HASSRA website.]

You can obtain further advice from your HASSRA Region