Wine Club Calendar

Dates: January – Dec 2023.

(Events start at 5:30 in the Canteen unless otherwise advised)

Date Topic Presenter Buddy Cost
Friday 10th February South Africa and AGM Bob Roy L
Friday 3rd March Discounted Luxury Wines Roy M
Friday 31st March Majestic's £10 v £15 wines contest Roy M
Friday 14th April Biblical Wines!!! (TBC) Dave Edwards
Friday 19th May TBC Ian and Leisa
Friday 16th June Holiday Wines (TBC)  Irene
Friday 14th July TBC Susan McPadden
Friday 18th August TBA
Saturday 9th September Virgin External Event - Leeds
Friday 15th September TBA
Friday 13th October TBC Jonathan & Jane
Friday 10th November  TBA
Friday 15th December Xmas Event

Estimated Cost to the member after subsidy:        Low £5 - £7;      Medium £9 - £12;     High £14 - £16