HASSRA Wales Sports Participation Scheme


HASSRA Wales Sports Participation Scheme is open to all HASSRA Wales members and allows them to claim for some of the costs associated with participating in officially organised sporting events such as Marathons, Triathlons, Fun runs etc that take place in the UK. From 1st January 2024 HASSRA Wales members, twice per calendar year can reclaim up to £25 or 50% (whichever is the lesser amount) of entry fees for an organised sporting event in the UK. This scheme applies to the member participating in events and not partners, children or guests.

  • Claims should be submitted AFTER participation in the event and should be submitted with receipts or invoices for entry fees and evidence of participation, such as result sheets, timecards, certificate etc
  • Claims are limited to 2 claims per member per calendar year. 
  • Claims made before 31st January of the current year for any event within the preceding 6 months will count as a claim for the previous year where no claim for the previous year has been paid.
  • Amount claimed is limited to £25 or 50%, whichever is the lesser amount
  • The event must take place in the UK

To apply online click here.