NESLC Bottoms Up

NESLC 'Bottoms Up' Application Process - Instructions for Organisers



****STOP THE PRESS!***** Christmas Bottoms up applications now being accepted - full details here

The Bottoms Up policy was introduced in recognition of the fact that while many NESLC members do not want to organise large events for NESLC members throughout the Newcastle Estate, many organise smaller events for colleagues and friends.

An event must be claimed for by a Head of Party (HOP). The HOP must be an NESLC member and the claim can only be made for those attendees who are also NESLC members. HOP’s do not have to pay for all event expenses themselves, however, they do have to organise the event and collate all receipts if members pay for event items separately.

HOPs are responsible for making the initial application to NESLC on behalf of all members attending. This must take place a minimum of seven days prior to the event. In any calendar year, the last date for applications to be received is 10 December. (Any appli­cations received after 10 December will not be considered). After your event, HOPs will need to provide valid receipts for all members to the NESLC admi­nis­trator (please keep a copy for yourself. Also,­ if claiming a CSSC subsidy please send them the original receipt and a photocopy to NESLC) within two weeks of the event date.

Claims submitted after an event has taken place or, in the six days proceeding an event will not be eligible.

The cost of event must be a minimum of £10 per member excluding alcohol and at least two NESLC members must attend the event. Receipts for expenditure of £10 or over per person must be produced. Only one claim is allowed per event, for example if you are getting a train to York, staying overnight and then going to York races – this would be classed as one event.

In most cases the minimum £10 per person is exclusive of local transport, alcohol, tobacco and anything gambling related (i.e. lottery tickets, betting tab etc.) and excluded items should not be shown on the receipt as it could invalidate your application.

The exception is where the event is provided by a third party such as a beer festival or wine tasting, when an upper limit of 10 x ½ pint tokens or wine equivalent may be included in the application. Direct purchase of alcohol is prohibited.

Once a claim has been agreed further members cannot be added or swapped as the necessary membership checks will have been undertaken.

An application cannot be made in conjunction with other discounted NESLC event (ie Theatre trip, Races Trip, Cinema Tickets). A Bottoms Up application can be made for ad hoc events to the already discounted event (e.g. pre theatre meal).

NESLC have set aside an amount per month for Bottoms Up events between January and November. The budget will be on a rolling period therefore any monies left over will be added to the next month and so on. This means there may be instances when applications will be rejected as the monthly budget has been exhausted, so please apply within plenty of time before your planned event. However as December is a popular month for Christmas lunches etc we are allocating a separate budget for December.

A maximum of six subsidies will be allowed per calendar year from January to December. These claims can be taken at any time of the year and all will be subject to the sliding scale of subsidy. (i.e. one of them does not now need to be in December).

The officers, committee and admi­nis­trators of NESLC are all volunteers and carry out these roles in their own time. Please allow up to 4 weeks for payment after valid receipts have been sent to admi­nis­trator. Please do not contact by telephone.


1. At least 7 days in advance, let us know where you are going and how much it will cost in total for the whole party and for each person taking part by completing the enclosed application form electro­nic­ally including the details of yourself and each of the other NESLC member taking part (leave the signature column blank) and save it. Please ensure you put the head of party at the top of the list

2. When complete send application to emma.wakenshaw@hmrc.gov.uk 

3. As quickly as possible, we will decide if the NESLC members within your group can receive a conditional subsidy (i.e. subject to the application remaining unchanged) and, if so, how much for each member included in the application. Emma will advise you of our decision

4. If your application is condi­ti­onally accepted the form will be emailed to the respective HASSRA and / or RCSL membership secretaries to check the validity of the members within your party you are claiming for.

5. If your event includes alcohol, you should ask for two separate receipts, one covering non-alcohol related expenses and one covering alcohol related expenses. Where the event includes alcohol, it must be an organised third party event such as a beer or wine festival and the receipt must cover tokens and, or vouchers and not direct alcohol purchase

6. After the event, you must send Emma your application form and evidence to prove that you have paid for the total numbers attending, (e.g. 10 attending at £10 per head, Emma must receive an 'official' receipt from the venue stating £100 paid to them). It is accepted that the costs for the NESLC members may be included in the receipt for a larger party that included non-members. You should send the receipt(s) stapled to a hard copy of the Application Form and keep a copy of your receipts. This docum­en­ta­tion should be sent to Emma Wakenshaw, BP2101

7. NESLC will then pay a cheque to you or make a BACS payment, as the event organiser for the total amount of subsidy agreed, e.g. eight members @ £5 per member agreed subsidy = cheque / BACS payment for £40. Please note that a minimum of four members should attend. If the numbers attending fall below four then your application and claim will be considered on an individual basis.

It is your respon­sibility to provide the correct Bank Account details, NESLC will not be held responsible for any mistakes on the form

8. From the date you receive your subsidy you should distribute within 2 weeks to the members on the original application. Where this is not possible please e-mail Emma to let her know. You must obtain their signature but there is now no need to return the signature sheet to Emma. You should keep the signature sheet in case of a later query

9. A random check of 10% of those receiving a subsidy will be undertaken to ensure that they did, in fact, take part in the event.

10. Any discrepancy in the 10% check will lead to a 100% check being undertaken and we will request a copy of the signature sheet at this stage. If a subsidy is claimed for a member found not to have partaken in the event, the subsidy must be repaid.

For further information contact by e-mail only Emma Wakenshaw

Application Form

Please complete the Bottoms Up application form.doc  in full– with Head of party listed first

Less is more

NESLC have decided to reduce the minimum number of attendees needed to claim a Bottoms Up Subsidy!

From 1st  December 2020 to March 2021 you only require 2 NESLC members to apply for a BU!

Normal BU policy and rules apply

So what are you waiting for grab your friends and get planning!!!!!