NESLC Draws and Competitions

NESLC Free Prize Draw and Competitions

Winner takes all text

Introducing "WINNER TAKES IT ALL" no it’s not a ABBA offer its better than that. Throughout the year on NESLC trips and events one lucky member at each event will be selected at random and you will receive the full amount of that event back. Just another great NESLC freebie to our wonderful members! See the NESLC Facebook page for details of the winners.



NESLC’ing you through the New Year

In order to get you through those January blues, NESLC will be carrying out a spectacular daily draw all the way through January!

You never know it could be you!!! So watch out for Facebook updates and that important Congratulations email!!!

Wishing all our members a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


1/1/20 - Angela Smith (£50.00 Intu voucher), Adam Christon, Michael Deeble (£10.00 Greggs vouchers)

2/1/20 - Celso Anjos (£20.00 Intu voucher), Anne O'Neill, Meryl Hall (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

3/1/20 - Janice Cummins (£20.00 Intu voucher), Nedhal Armstrong, Andrew Shepherd (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

4/1/20 - Elizabeth Clark (£20.00 Intu voucher), Stephen Brown, Steven Borthwick (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

5/1/20 - Alyson Wardle (£20.00 Intu voucher), Craig Doyle, Diane Welsh (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

6/1/20 - Grant Jackson (£20.00 Intu voucher), Pamela Davies, Pappu Harish (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

7/1/20 - Michael McCarthy (£20.00 Intu voucher), Clare Maddison, Daniel Cumpson (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

8/1/20 - Amy Wallace (£20.00 Intu voucher), Sarah Bell, Joanne Gilroy (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

9/1/20 - Denise Mottram (£20.00 Intu voucher), Margaret Gordon, Stephen Hedley (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

10/1/20 - Lesley Hunter-Clark (£20.00 Intu voucher), Suzy Rutter, Christopher Hewitt (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

11/1/20 - Russell Dent (£20.00 Intu voucher), Daniel Rogan, Wendy Maddison (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

12/1/20 - Margaret Turnbull (£20.00 Intu voucher), Lesley Currey, Gwendolyn Costello (£5.00 Greggs vouchers)

13/1/20 - Sue Beattie (£20.00 Intu voucher), Ian Robson, Sam Wilson (2 x Cinema tickets each)

14/1/20 - Marie Blenkin (£20.00 Intu voucher), David Williams, Gillian Waistell (2 x Cinema tickets each)

15/1/20 - Anne Harrison (£50.00 Intu voucher), Joanne Delap, Neil Coulson (£10.00 Greggs vouchers)

16/1/20 - Samantha Gibson (£20.00 Intu voucher), Gordon Craig, Louise Currie (2 x Cinema tickets each)

17/1/20 - Steven Hardy (£20.00 Intu voucher), Diane Youll, Helenna Arkley (2 x Cinema tickets each)

18/1/20 - Helen Clynes (£20.00 Intu voucher), Emma McKeown, Martin Maggiore (2 x Cinema tickets each)

19/1/20 - Emma Appleby (£20.00 Intu voucher), Katie McCarthy, Kerry O'Hare (2 x Cinema tickets each)

20/1/20 - Jan Wears (£20.00 Intu voucher), Vicki Bonner, Joanne Gelder-Blenkey (2 x Cinema tickets each)

21/1/20 - Michelle Loraine (£20.00 Intu voucher), Lesley Richley, Christine Maloney (2 x Cinema tickets each)

22/1/20 - Georgina Cowling (£20.00 Intu voucher), Ken Lumsden, Catherine Del-Prete (2 x Cinema tickets each)

23/1/20 - Maria McFadyen (£20.00 Intu voucher), Sandra Cartner, Charlie Feher (2 x Cinema tickets each)

24/1/20 - Danielle Duggan (£20.00 Intu voucher), Laura Thornton, winner TBC (2 x Cinema tickets each)

25/1/20 - Lisa Baston (£20.00 Intu voucher), Stacy Robinson-Carr, Terry Barnes (2 x Cinema tickets each)

26/1/20 - Mick Robson (£20.00 Intu voucher), Margaret MacDonald, Suzanne Tierney (2 x Cinema tickets each)

27/1/20 - Peter Smith (£20.00 Intu voucher), Daniel Wood, Andrew Martin (2 x Cinema tickets each)

28/1/20 - Fiona Barras (£20.00 Intu voucher), Marianne Shield, Jon Suggett (2 x Cinema tickets each)

29/1/20 - Alison Murphy (£20.00 Intu voucher), James Machin, Allison Taylor (2 x Cinema tickets each)

30/1/20 - Sharon Bishop (£20 Intu voucher), Nicolla MacDonald, Sonia Hammond (2 x Cinema tickets each)

31/1/20 - Denise Dawson (£50.00 Intu voucher), Kelly Richardson, Adam Sanderson (£10 Greggs Vouchers each)


Happy New Year