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Join the HASSRA Cycling Club and get involved with a group of like-minded colleagues to keep fit, healthy and in touch.

With our Strava-based virtual club, you can record your rides and keep track of your progress and see how everyone else is getting on at the same time.

Inspire others with your personal achievements and by giving them 'Kudos' for theirs!

Plus, HASSRA will provide incentives to keep going with regular competitions with great prizes.

Cycling Challenge 2023

We can now celebrate the triumphs of the recent HASSRA Cycling Challenge, showcasing the remarkable achievements of our dedicated members during the four weeks from 16th October to 12th November 2023.

The winner of the longest single ride was HASSRA North East’s Michael Smith who reached an extraordinary 280km in one go.

And if this wasn’t impressive enough, HASSRA London’s Paul Warren covered an astonishing 2,226km over the four weeks to become the winner of the longest overall distance.

Both category winners received £250, with second and third places winning £150 and £100 respectively.

The enthusiasm didn't stop there as the collective efforts of over 50 HASSRA cyclists resulted in an awe-inspiring total of over 13,500 kilometres, underscoring the commitment and passion of our ever-growing cycling community. 20 of these participants were also chosen at random to receive £50 for taking part in this year’s challenge.

Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who took part.

Keep your eyes peeled for 2024's Challenge.