HASSRA Y&H’s Adele Hunneybell, former HASSRA Volunteer of the Year, tells us what she does, and why.

How long have you been a HASSRA member?

Since I joined the Department in August 1999. I really joined for the monthly lottery but when our office resurrected the local club, I became more involved.

How long have you been a HASSRA volunteer?

Since 2012. Our club has gone from strength to strength over the years, winning Regional Best Small Club for 2016, 17 & 18 and Highly Commended in the National Awards in 2017. I really couldn’t have achieved my Volunteer of the Year Award without the support and backing of my committee, who actively encouraged each and every crazy event or idea I put forward!

What led you to becoming a HASSRA volunteer?

I am a very social, creative and active person with a practical hands-on approach to volunteering. I joined the committee, initially to help bring HASSRA back to the staff in the office after a hiatus, and working alongside committee members have delivered numerous events and activities. Since our early days of finding our feet we have now become a well- oiled machine and I just really love what I do. 

In which part of the organisation do you volunteer?

I currently volunteer at a local level, however since my win would like to pursue different roles within the Association

What sort of things do you do for HASSRA?

The list is extensive and I could go on forever, but it includes the setting up of our Social Intranet page, membership recruitment drives, plus a variety of themed events, quizzes and competitions. I’ve also ‘rebooted’ the Ramblers’ Club and held our first Mindfulness Gardening and Meditation sessions. I have also organised many fundraising events for local charities.

What skills have you gained/­developed from being a volunteer?

Financial planning and budgets, negotiation and marketing. I use my existing skills in the delivery of and participation in events, clear communications, time management and leadership well as enhancing my creative streak!  My HASSRA club work has helped develop my Wellbeing Champion role in the office and beyond, giving me competencies to take forward for further personal development.

Why would you recommend volunteering with HASSRA?

If you would like to add another string to your bow, then HASSRA volunteering is a perfect platform to do this. It gives you a sense of worth and plenty of fun is had at the same time. The skills you develop and connections you forge are invaluable and I can’t tell you how much I love my HASSRA role.

What is the best thing about being a HASSRA volunteer? 

I think the best thing for me is the pleasure it brings to others. It sounds clichéd but I love bringing a smile to people’s faces.  In North Kirklees staff are engaged, there is a buzz around events and people feel that we have become closer knit than we were before. We have a lot of healthy competition in and outside of work, with more and more staff participating in HASSRA sporting events and activities and taking advantage of benefits.