Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Committee is directly accountable to the National Board of Management for:  

  • Annual reporting on the demographic make-up of HASSRA membership. 
  • Supporting HASSRA’s marketing strategy to attract new members including, where identified, proposals on targeting specific under-represented groups
  • Developing proposals to widen the diversity of national and regional board membership, and in so doing, bring in different voices, insights and lived experience to the way we do things and how we make our decisions; challenging the status quo where necessary
  • Continually reviewing our national and regional offer (events, activities etc) to members to ensure they are as inclusive as they possibly can be
  • Undertaking annual insight gathering exercises (surveys, listening circles etc) to better understand, and help us meet, the needs of our diverse membership
  • Advising the National Board on the operational impact of departmental and Civil Service policy changes that may impact on Diversity and Inclusion and Inclusion