Contact Us

At HASSRA Scotland, we have really embraced the DWP’s #DigitalAgenda – you can find us on social media or email us – or check out the Committee of Management page to see who to talk to.

For details of how to get in touch, see below;

You can follow our Twitter account at http://­twitter.­com/­HASSRA_­Scotland for news on events, and the latest deals.

We have a private group on Facebook – to join, search for hassrascotland, or visit http://­facebook.­com/­groups/­hassrascotland. The group is private, so only group members can see what is published within the group.

If you need to ask us something, then the quickest way is often an email to one of our email inboxes.

For most enquiries, email us at . This includes any suggestions you may have for new discounts at a company local to you.

If you want more information about an event, or have a suggestion of an event that HASSRA Scotland could run, email our Events team at with details.

If you have any news that you would like us to publish – perhaps your club has held a local event, or raised money for charity – then email our Comms team at including as much information as possible, and any photographs that you may have. Don’t forget to get the permission of anyone in the photos before you send them in.