HASSRA Fylde Roll of Honour - Graham Schofield Award

HASSRA Fylde Roll of Honour 

Graham Schofield Award

This trophy is awarded to the HASSRA member who is deemed to have contributed most to the Association in a voluntary capacity in the nomination year.

Previous Winners

 2005   Ted Boyd & Paul Whiteley

 2006   Peter Grubb

       2007   Anthony Airnes

2008   Nick Hume

 2009   Martin Gale

2010   Paul King

 2011   Not Awarded

  2012   Peter McNally

 2013   Not Awarded

2014   Mike Doherty & Ian Davies

 2015   Not Awarded

2016   Paul Whiteley

2017   Steve Jackson

2018   Alan Garforth

2019  Brian Kitchin

 2020 Not Awarded

2021 Simon Hoare