Women's World Cup


So Spain were victors and England runner up. 164 goals were scored in total and Hinata Miyazawa won the Golden Boot.

All the people below correctly guessed the relevant category result and all were entered into a draw. From the main list further down two people per category were randomly picked to win £250 each.

The following people have all won £250 each:

  • Nick Gregory & Kirsten Tate - had Spain as the winner
  • Karen Hartley and Gary Whitehead - had England as runners up
  • Mark Cooper and Andrew Canning - picked Hinata Miyazawa as the Golden Boot winner
  • Suzy Snowden and Sean Annable - got the total goals scored right (164)

A further 20 winners were picked at random from all entries with each winning £100. Winners are:

  • Amanda Ettridge, Andrew Ashton, Angela Lansdell, Debbie Clarke, Gareth Christie, Gary Rodgers, Ian Cooper, Jackie Waters, Julie Mayhew, Julie Parkinson, Lisa Burnell, Lisa Warboys, Marc Dallamore, Matthew Jonsen, Mohammed Qasim Khan, Rosanna Fox, Samantha Monaghan, Sean Annable, Steve Codd, Sue Cook 

Correct winning team Correct runners up Correct Golden Boot winner Correct goals scored
Irena Gorbun Karen Sinden Mark Cooper Permjeet Butler 
Darren fellows  Philip Corbett Danielle Vind Marie Ellington-Runkee
Christina Jennings Ali taylor Catherine jones  Kirstie Fenwick
Nick Gregory James Myers Catherine Sullivan  Suzy Snowden
James Hogg Tracey Hodgson  Clare Rowe  Kath Rigby
Sharon Smith Karen Hartley  Stephen Pitts Sean Annable
Kirsten Tate  Dylan Knight Aisha Ryder
James Woods  Clare Carter Chris Scanlon
Thomas Quinn Matthew Jonsen
Martin Overrill  ANDREW CANNING
Kate newey June Hirst 
Nicola Wragg Ciara Haslett 
Peter Slack Nick Gregory
Verity Stewart Peter David Hall
Diane Kellett  Jacqueline 
Nick Brewer  Simon Potter
Mark Woollas Bernice Banes 
Iain kerr Connor Maw
Peter Batty JOE HOSIE
Ian Cooper
Laura Milthorpe
Gary Whitehead
Emily Beasley
Paul Follett
Adrian Harper
Simon Hastings
David Gallacher 
Laura (Loz) Pape
Ian Wright
Tawni Guest
Collette Gent
Ian Melluish
John Dunlop
Chris Callaghan
Luke Hargreaves
Mark Dawson
Rosanna Fox
Julia Robinson
John Stacey
Marie Ellington-Runkee
Katherine Shaw
Stephanie Bailey
Nicola Robinson 
Matthew Beattie
Christine Reveler 
Lyndsey South
Dawn Hull
Emma cooper 
Ewan Rowe
John Foster 
sharon williams
Amanda Foster
Mark Cooper
Tracy Brocklebank 
Kirstie Fenwick
Ciara Haslett 
Phil Clarke 
Sue Cook  
Stacey Coatman
Andrew Chiga
Suzy Snowden
Emma haigh 
Lorraine Gleed
Lee Gleadhill 
Stephen Pitts
Simon Potter
Ibrahim Bismillah
Angela Lansdell
Sean Annable
James Hogg
Susan Thompson 
Sharon Smith
Janine Crosby
Julie Mayhew
Jane Clark 
Marc Dallamore
Matthew Jonsen
Kirsten Tate 
James Woods 
June Hirst 
Peter David Hall

World Cup Competition info

With the World Cup fast approaching we are hosting a free to enter competition with a range of cash prizes. There are also multiple chances to win too with five draws in total. 

You don't have to be a fan of football or knowledgeable, just have a guess. 

The competition covers:

  • Who will win the World Cup?
  • Who will be the Runner Up?
  • Which player will win the Golden Boot (Leading Goal Scorer)?
  • How many goals in total will be scored across the whole World Cup?

So, there are four chances to win above. For each category we will select two winners of £250 from the correct entries.  If only one winner per category they will win £500.

For the number of goals scored, if no one gets it bang on, we will move to those closest. So, if 160 goals scored but no one gets that, we will look for 159 and 161 and so on.

Finally, everyone who enters will be entered into a main draw for an additional 20 prizes of £100.

Only one entry per member, if you enter more than once we will take your last entry.

The closing date for entries is after the first round of matches on the 3rd August 2023.

Pointers to help with your entries

For the Golden Boot, the winner in 2019 was a three way tie. Megan Rapinoe , Alex Morgan (both USA) and Ellen White (England) all scored 6. Here is a link to the Sky Sports website listing all the squads - Every Women's World Cup 2023 squad: All the teams previewed | FourFourTwo

Finally, in 2019, 146 goals were scored in total.