Christmas Competition 2023

HASSRA Falkirk are offering a nuge selection of cash prizes this festive season.

We have 18 cash prizes, with a runner-up prize of a tin of sweets. The top prize is £100!

Competition Poster

How do I enter?

Entering is easy, and FREE – just make sure that you're signed up as a HASSRA Falkirk member, and subscribe to receive news but Monday 11th December - we'll pick winners at random on Wednesday.

  1. log in to HASSRA Live and visit your profile
  2. check your club shows as "CSAC Falkirk" and Region shows as "Scotland"
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  3. if you need to change your club, click on the link, and select the last option, then complete the form to change your club
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  4. Check you're signed up to receive newsletters
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The competition is only open to HASSRA Falkirk members.

Good Luck!

For more information on HASSRA Falkirk competitions, just email the HASSRA Falkirk mailbox