NESLC Committee Members

NESLC Members – Have Your Say

NESLC are constantly asking members for feedback. If you have an issue or an idea for a trip or event you think would be good for members, please get in touch with any of our committee members listed below. It’s your money via contri­butions so let’s use it for what YOU want. Remember being a HASSRA member working on the Newcastle Estate you are automati­cally a member of the Newcastle Estate Sports & Leisure Club NESLC.

Please feel free to contact any of the officers below:

NESLC Chairperson - Terri Nicholson

E-mail: terri.nicholson@hmrc.gov.uk 

Vice Chair – Lynsey Wilkinson

E-mail: linsey.scurr@hmrc.gov.uk 

NESLC Secretary – Alan Borrowdale

E-mail: alan.borrowdale@dwp.gov.uk 

Assistant Secretary (Sports and Social) – Mark Wilkinson

E-mail: mark.wilkinson2@hmrc.gov.uk 

NESLC Treasurer – Jill Gardner

E-mail: jill.gardner@hmrc.gov.uk 

Associate/­Membership Secretary - Anita Fairhurst

E-mail: anita.fairhurst1@dwp.gov.uk 

Committee Members Contact Details

Phil Darlingphil.darling@hmrc.gov.uk 

Sonya Peacock sonya.peacock@hmrc.gov.uk 

NESLC has over 5000 members and we do our best to try to offer something for everyone. We have corporate cards, discounted exercise classes, theme park tickets and much, much more.

Find out how being a member of NESLC can benefit you!

Please take time to read through the NESLC pages as they can provide you with a wealth of information about NESLC activities, events and membership benefits.

Remember - HASSRA members working on the Newcastle Estate have automatic membership of NESLC.

Please Note: Any HASSRA members working on TVP and are part of the newly formed Pensions Service Clubs will need to contact their own Secretary to apply for membership to NESLC this is no longer an automatic membership.