South East April Challenge 2024 - entry now closed


To encourage you, the South East members, and your families / friends to participate in fun, free and (hopefully) healthy exercise and to try to achieve as much as you can + helping to raise funds for your local club’s chosen Charity


From 1st to 30th April 2024


Walking, Running, Cycling and/or Swimming as much distance as you can in the 30 days of April. To even things out a bit, each 1 Km of Cycling will count as 0.2 and each 1 Km of Swimming will count as 5 Km (Running and Walking still to count as 1Km = 1) Andy will do the calculations – you just report the actual distance you do


Roads / Paths / Trails / Safe Water (and can include indoor running / cycling machines / indoor pools)


Only HASSRA South East members can make an entry – but that entry can include up to three other people, who can be non-members

How to Enter:

HASSRA members to enter through their HASSRA Live account – including the Club to which they are attached along with the name of each participant (please make it clear who are the HASSRA members). Entries must be made by NO LATER THAN midnight on Saturday 6th April


Measure your distance as accurately as possible using whatever means available to you. There are many fitness watches available at prices from £15 to over £400 but also, you can load an App onto your mobile phone – usually free (although beware of “in-app purchases”). If measuring by number of STEPS, it would be appreciated if you can convert to Kilometres (simply establish your average “STEP” and then calculate)

You must email the actual (see above) total distance of each person in your entry (shown in Kilometres to the nearest decimal point) – to NO LATER THAN midnight on Monday 6th May

Final results will then be published as soon as possible


There will not be any prizes but to encourage maximum participation, HASSRA South East will donate to each Member’s club an amount based on the total Kilometres done by the club during April (up to a maximum of £5000 in total for the whole Challenge) to be donated to a charity of the club’s choice – each Club will get a certificate to mark their efforts.

So let’s all get out there and ensure we get as much money as we can for our local charities – every little helps!

…..and then, why not carry on into May – with the Charity for Civil Servants Mega Miles Challenge (see for more information)


All participants do so at their own risk. You must obey all the normal rules of the road, water & countryside and you must comply with all Covid (or any other Health) Guidance in place at the time.

Stay Safe and Keep Others Safe