Local events cashback

Local events cashback


Building on our current cashback scheme  we are delighted to further extend this offer to 4 claims during 2024 (this will be reviewed periodically)

Plymouth HASSRA are excited to offer members £10.00 cashback on any ticket purchased which costs over £10.00 a ticket. This is limited to 4 claims per calendar year.  This is exclusively for members and cannot be used for guests etc.

We have now opened this up to any event or day out in Devon or Cornwall! 

This could be a visit to a theatre, a local football game, a day out at a gallery, an agricultural show..............­the choice is yours!  If you have any doubt whether it will qualify then please just drop us a line, it is more than likely it will!

To claim your cashback after you have attended the event, please email hassra.plymouth@dwp.gov.uk your Name, HASSRA number, Name of Bank, sort Code and Account number. Remember to attach the receipt!  Please ensure that the claim is made within 2 calendar months.  Claims will not be accepted for any events that you have already received a discounted ticket via HASSRA for (for example you can't claim your £10 back from HASSRA if you purchased the ticket from us in the first place as we will have already discounted that) 

The club reserve the right to amend or remove this scheme at any time without prior notice