Hold 1st committee meeting after AGM

As soon as possible after the AGM you should hold your first committee meeting of the newly formed committee. 

At this first meeting you should:

discuss and agree your programme of events/­activities, budget and recruitment opportunities for the forthcoming year. All activities do not have to be decided at this meeting; they can be decided at further meetings during the year, as and when they arise. However, it is good to get a broad view of the calendar of events/­activities.

consider co-opting any non-elected members to the committee if deemed appropriate. Co-opted members may be necessary to undertake specific functions or tasks and shall have voting powers unless it is otherwise decided at the time of their appointment. To co-opt members to the committee they need to be proposed and voted in by the other committee members with the decision recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

See Organise and attend committee meeting for more details on holding committee meetings.