Split a HASSRA Club

A club may have to split because an office is closing and its members are being relocated to multiple sites. In this situation the club should close and return any remaining funds to the HASSRA region. The regional HASSRA committee may consider splitting these returned funds to the various clubs that are inheriting new members, if the numbers are sufficient to warrant it. However, the regional HASSRA committee is ultimately responsible for deciding on what happens to these funds.

  • If your club is splitting, please notify:
    • your HASSRA Region.
    • the HASSRA Live team using the Help Desk function on the HASSRA website.
      The HASSRA Live team will need to re-assign members to the merged club. This is essential to ensure future rebate payments are calculated and distributed correctly.
      It may be possible for the HASSRA Live team to-reassign all members in bulk, or they may need to be done individually.
  •  The club should then follow the guidance in How to Close a HASSRA Club.
  • You can obtain further advice from your HASSRA Region