Close a HASSRA Club

A club can close by either:

·       enforced building/office closure.

·       a proposal from the club committee.

·       a request from local management.

·       a request from regional HASSRA.

Appropriate action should be taken to ensure the following processes are followed:

1.   Serve notice of the proposal to close the club in writing to all members and your HASSRA Region.  Invite suggestions from all members on how any outstanding monies should be spent.

2.   Contact the HASSRA Live team to advise that you have served notice to close the club. Contact the team using the Help Desk function on the HASSRA Help Desk.

3.   Arrange for a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held at a date not less than 4 weeks from when the notice was served. Invite all members of the club to attend.

4.   At the SGM

The Club Chair (or his/her representative) shall:

·     Undertake a vote to propose closing the club. This vote requires at least a two-thirds majority of the members present for the resolution to be passed.

·     After the resolution is passed, undertake a vote to decide on how any outstanding monies will be spent.

·     Ensure the minute taker records the results of all the votes in the minutes.

5.   After the SGM

·     Send a copy of the minutes from the final meeting (highlighting what will happen with outstanding funds) to your HASSRA Region.

·     Members may need to be re-assigned to another club. This is essential to ensure future rebate payments are calculated and distributed correctly. It may be possible for the HASSRA Live team to-reassign all members in bulk, or they may need to be done individually. Contact the HASSRA Live team using the HASSRA Help Desk for advice.

·     It is the responsibility of your committee to ensure that all outstanding debts are discharged in full.  All property and assets of the club should be disposed of at the best prices obtainable or returned to the HASSRA region. 

·     If there is a shortfall of funds available to discharge debts, this should be reported to the regional HASSRA Chair as soon as possible.  It should be remembered however that the members of the club are collectively responsible for the debts and not HASSRA or the Department.

Once all the assets have been disposed of, the Treasurer shall:

·     Return any unspent monies to the Region’s bank account.

·     Close the club bank account.

·     Prepare a final set of accounts (including a balance sheet which shows £0 funds remaining).

·     Arrange for a final audit to be undertaken.

·     Send a copy of the final audited accounts to the Regional Finance Manager. The accounts must be submitted online by the Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer using HASSRA Live. See video tutorial.
[Note – if the submit accounts button is not visible, please contact us using the 
HASSRA Help Desk.]