Wine Tasting

NESLC Wine Tasting Club

The NESLC Wine Tasting Section, or “The Wine Club” as is known by, is an informal gathering of friends and acquaintances who share an interest and enjoyment of wine. There are no smoking jackets or cravats and no buckets to spit your wine in to. It can be as fun, educational and informal as you want your night to be.

There are currently 19 members of The Club. We usually meet on the first Wednesday of each month the usual venue is The Ship Inn at Benton, next to the Italian Restaurant Casas.

Each month two of the Clubs members take turns to host a meeting which usually includes –

• Six (or more) wines to taste. This can be made up of three red and three white or include rose, champagne or other sparkling wines

• A fun quiz for everyone to take part in with multi option answers to choose from. The winner will usually take home a prize, that being a bottle of wine

• A Buffet

The average cost is about £3 - £4 (£9 - £10 guests). The cost to join the Wine Club is £15 per year. Each month a member attends they will receive a £6 subsidy.

We are always looking to welcome new members, or guests to come along and see if it’s their cup of tea – or rather glass of wine! So why not come along and give it a go?

For more information please contact Mark Simons, Dave Lee or Jane Hebdon at –