Complete Monthly Chairs Check of Bank Account

  • Monthly bank statements must be sent to the club Chair, not the Treasurer. This is to safeguard against financial irregularities. Upon receipt of a monthly bank statement, the Chair should undertake a cursory check of the statement to satisfy themselves there are no obvious irregularities and then pass the statement to the Treasurer to perform the monthly reconciliation.
  •  After the Treasurer has performed the monthly reconciliation, they should print a copy of the accounts for the respective month and pass it to the Chair together with the monthly bank statement.
  •  The Chair must check the bank statement balance matches the balance shown on the printed accounts.
  •  If cash is held, the Chair must check the actual cash-in-hand matches the amount shown on the printed accounts.
  •  The Chair and Treasurer must both sign and date the printed accounts to declare the check has been completed.