HASSRA Wales Doug Honey Development Scheme

Aims of the Scheme

The Doug Honey Development Scheme was set up to provide financial assistance to individual members (not teams) of HASSRA based in Wales to pursue their chosen sport, pastime or recreational activity. The scheme seeks to help members whose activities involve significant expense or expense that they may find difficult to meet in order to be able to progress..

How to Apply

Check the list of criteria that the committee will be considering on receipt of any application. If you think you might be eligible for an award complete an application for HWS1 (attached below) and e-mail it to HASSRA.WALES@DWP.GOV.UK 
All applications must be made on Form HWS1  (download below)  If you have a specific date by which you need a decision please make this clear on the covering e-mail and the application (in the space provided) so that it is processed promptly.


In order to qualify the applicant must have been a member of HASSRA for at least one year.

The award can only be made to the member and for the activity of the member. Family and friends of the member are not eligible for any award

The Committee look for evidence of support for HASSRA activities, locally or regionally or nationally, and for willingness to pass on skills and experience to others where appropriate.

All sports and/or recreational activities are considered, but in all cases the Committee aims to ensure the money available for sponsorship is applied to the benefit of individual members who show particular achievement or promise in their chosen pursuit.

In all cases the Committee are looking for evidence of achievement, development of skills or qualifications or the potential for such improvement/­development.

The Committee exercise discretion and do not apply rigid rules but the following general tests are applied:

  • In sport, participation alone is not enough members should show potential to compete by selection and not self-nomination.
  • Is the member seeking to acquire qualifications as a coach, judge, umpire, etc?
  • Is there a specific objective that shows determination to pursue notable self-development and personal achievement, e.g. in overcoming a handicap, or by maintaining effort and commitment beyond the usual age (excluding veterans events).
  • Is there a specific need, e.g. help towards the purchase of an expensive or specialist item of equipment or clothing (in such cases other criteria must also be satisfied).

In all cases, the Committee has regard to the estimated annual cost of participation as well as the specific costs for which assistance is requested.

In all cases, the Committee will only meet a maximum of 50% of expenditure subject to a maximum of £200 per application.

The scheme is not designed to provide year on year support for members once they have achieved their maximum level of potential be it club, county or international level.

Members who already have other sources of financial support as amateurs, e.g. through commercial sponsorship, those engaged in their sport or pursuit in a semi-professional or professional capacity, or those who are able to earn prize money or other substantial rewards for their efforts are not eligible to apply.

Members who take part in charitable events as part of their on-going sporting activity may apply. However, members whose sole objective is to raise money for a charitable cause, e.g. by taking part in a sponsored run are not eligible.  Each application will be judged on its merits.

Not more than one award will be made to the same member in any twelve month period.

The decision of the Committee will be provided in writing to all applicants.  Their decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into.