Charity Collections

  • In all cases, charity collections should receive prior approval from the Business Unit Manager or equivalent.
  • In all cases, auditable procedures must be in place to protect staff and safeguard funds. The responsibility for the safe transit of monies falls under each person’s responsibility within the chain.
  • Money should be collected using a locked or sealed box/container. If a locked box needs to be purchased, the club should meet the cost. Under no circumstances should a charity collection box be left unattended.
  • On completion of a collection, the cash should be counted and documented in the presence of an independent witness, who is not the collector. This could be an officer of any grade, nominated by the Business Unit Manager or equivalent who is not directly involved with the collection. Both the collector and the witness must sign to confirm the amount collected. This documentation should be retained for audit purposes.
  • The sum collected must be paid to the benefitting charity as soon as practical after the collection has been completed. Monies should always be paid to charity from the HASSRA club bank account and not from the personal bank account of the collector or any other member of staff. All transactions should be recorded in the club accounts.
  • A receipt should be obtained from the charity showing the total donation. The receipt, together with an authenticated statement of the total amount collected and dispersed, should be either circulated to contributors, or displayed on a notice board.