Elect Club Auditor at AGM

An auditor for the ensuing year should be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The auditor cannot be a member of the Committee.

The Chair shall:

  • Undertake a vote to elect a Club auditor. This will need to be proposed and seconded and voted in.
  • Ensure the minute taker records the result of the votes in the minutes.

A second auditor should be nominated by the local Business Sponsor or equivalent manager, normally within the club Chair's line management chain.

The auditors should ideally be experienced members of staff with the necessary knowledge of basic bookkeeping procedures and controls. Auditors should clearly understand that they are responsible to the members of the Club, not to the elected Officers of the Club or to the club Sponsor. Both auditors are equally responsible for the veracity of the Audit Certificate and should make every effort to undertake the audit jointly.

Voting Rules

  • Every member present at the AGM shall have one vote, and in the event of an equality of votes, the Chair or presiding officer shall have an additional or casting vote.