Ten Pin Bowling

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HASSRA South East Presents Ten Pin Bowling FREE Event

Hassra South East is giving your office the chance to host it’s very own Ten Pin Bowling Event and will meet the whole cost for your club. Whether you are a stand-alone site or cater for more than one we will pay for you to put on this Taster Day event to help you attract New Members and to entertain your loyal members. 

Rather than HASSRA South East put on a single event we would like you as clubs to book an evening and invite all your members to attend and we will pay for this to take place.

All we ask is that the events happen in May to fit in with our regional taster day calendar and that you send a report and pictures to Maggie Smith to collate in our Regional Newsletter : carolinecrescent@hotmail.co.uk

Hassra South East will pay for two games per player so however you book this we will meet the cost.

If your local Bowling Alley best deal is two games and a drink then we will meet this cost.

Make this accessible to members by putting on events in your local area.

After this you may wish to book more events, and these would still qualify for our £5pp subsidy which is currently on offer.

The rest is down to you…………. Cost can be claimed back from: HASSRA.SOUTHEAST@DWP.GOV.UK

N.B Please send list of names and HASSRA Numbers for all taking part