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Volunteers Wanted!

HASSRA East Midlands is on the look out for Volunteers to come forward and take on the role of regional organiser for our programme of activities which we hold during the course of the year.

Please see the list of current events in our programme and where we currently have vacancies.

If you would like to take on the challenge of organising one of the events, please contact  HASSRA East Midlands.

Remember if we don’t have volunteers to organise activities it is highly likely these activities will not be staged. We hope you can help!

Got an idea? Want to arrange a trip, activity or event on behalf of HASSRA East Midlands?

You can volunteer to organise an event or activity on behalf of the region, outside of the normal programme of events published in January every year.

This could be anything from Paint Balling; Go Karting; setting up a lending library or an Art & Craft day, it’s entirely up to you!

Complete the attached submissions proforma.doc with the details and forward to the Regional Team, who will put your proposal before the Regional Board of Management, for consideration.

The Board of Management will consider all of the ideas put before them, and where appropriate will ask the Region’s Finance Subgroup to consider whether budgets will allow a subsidy from Regional funds.

Once the formalities are done, you can go ahead and arrange your event, with the full support of the Regional team, offering members the chance to do something different or new!