How to submit local club accounts and Chair cert

How to submit your local club accounts – to be completed by club treasurer or club deputy treasurer

  • Sign in to HASSRA Live and click on your name in the top right-hand corner

  • Click on ‘My Profile’

  • Check that the information there shows you as your club’s treasurer or deputy treasurer. If it doesn’t, you need to consult your club’s Chair and asked to be be added to the clubs ‘Chair’s Certificate’ using the instructions given below.

  • Go down the page to the ‘Volunteering Section’ and click on it

  • The 4th line down will show a link entitled ‘Club Accounts’. If it is not there, go on the ‘Chat’ line, bottom right, and request help.

  • If there, click on the link

  • Using the drop-down menu, select the dates for the accounts you are going to submit and then put in today’s date

  • Click on ‘Choose file’ and attach the accounts file

  • Finally, click on ‘Submit for approval’

  • It will now bring up a page showing your latest submission along with previous accounts submitted showing their present status.

How to submit the Chairs Certificate – to be completed by club Chair or club deputy Chair

  • Sign in to HASSRA Live and click on your name in the top right-hand corner

  • Click on ‘My Profile’

  • Go down to the ‘Volunteering’ section and click on ‘Chairs Certificate’. This will show current club officials. If any are no longer part of your committee or have changed their position on the committee click on the ‘remove’ button at the end of the appropriate line (do not attempt to change the names at this point).

  • To add new members or move previous members to a new job go to the ‘Add another member’ link on the list. It will ask, via a drop-down list, what position the new member has. Put in their HASSRA Number or name and the program will find them.

  • Next check bank details and add if missing.

  • Add the auditors names

  • Add date of AGM

  • Where ‘Other info.’ For example: a list of the sites that make up the club

  • Read the declaration (club guide or Intranet) and tick appropriate box.

  • Submit for approval

  • The next page shows a list of the Chairs Certificates that have been submitted so far and their status.

Any changes to your club committee over the year should be changed via this method at any time.