HASSRA Fylde Roll of Honour - Best Club

HASSRA Fylde Roll of Honour

The Ossie Summers Cup - Club of the Year

This Cup is awarded to the club submitting the best report of its activities and successes during the nomination year.

                     1981   Norcross Social Centre

                     1982   North Fylde Photographic Society

                     1983   North Fylde Bowling Club

                     1984   Norcross Social Centre

                     1985   North Fylde Photographic Society

                     1986   North Fylde Athletic Club

                     1987   Karate Club

                     1988   Norcross Bowling Club

                     1989   Karate Club

                     1990   Netball Club

                     1991   North Fylde Athletic Club

                     1992   ICA Sports & Social Club

                     1993   North Fylde Athletic Club

                     1994   HASSRA LSA Site Club

                     1995   North Fylde Athletic Club

                     1996   Norcross Cricket Club

                     1997   Norcross Bowling Club & North Fylde Photographic Society

                     1998   North Fylde Photographic Society

                     1999   North Fylde Athletic Club

                     2000   North Fylde Athletic Club

                     2001   North Fylde Athletic Club

                     2002   Fylde Rambling Club

                     2003   North Fylde Photographic Society

                     2004   North Fylde Athletic Club

                     2005   Blackpool Pension Centre

                     2006   CS Blackpool Angling Society

                     2007   CS Blackpool Angling Society & Fylde Rambling Club

                     2009   Fylde Rambling Club & North Fylde Photographic Society

                     2010   Fylde Rambling Club

                     2011   Fylde Rambling Club

                     2012   Warbreck House Social Committee

                     2013   The Gardening Club

                     2014   Norcross Cricket Club

                     2015   Fylde Rambling Club

                     2016   Fylde Golf Society

                     2017   Norcross Cricket Club

                     2018   Norcross Cricket Club 

                     2019   Norcross Cricket Club

                     2020   Norcross Cricket Club

             2021 The Gardening Club

            2022 The Gardening Club

2023 The Gardening Club