HASSRA Wales Expenses

Wales logoHASSRA Wales will consider payment of  reasonable expenses for members that are participating in events organised by HASSRA Wales or members representing HASSRA Wales at National or inter-association events

To claim expenses go to your profile on HASSRA Live and select the claim expenses icon

Attendance and participation at an event is subject to verification so it is essential that you comply with any instructions to register your attendance or your claim may be denied

The policy on expenses payment is shown below


If not included as part of the event, one night’s accommodation can be paid at the rate of £35.00 per member to help with the cost of bed & breakfast charges where arrival at the event and return to the member’s office/home on the same day is not possible.

If a stay away involves two nights stay for a one-day competition a request for additional funding giving reasons for the 2nd night’s stay should be made to HASSRA Wales via email to HASSRA.WALES@dwp.gov.uk.


If food is not provided as part of the HASSRA event up to £15.00 expenses can be claimed for actual cost of food purchased if a member is staying overnight. A receipt will be required for audit purposes for any meal expenses claimed.

HASSRA Wales will not pay toward any meal expenses incurred during travel to or home following the event


Offices/members are reminded that environmentally friendly considerations are primary with cost secondary when considering travel to HASSRA Wales events

Invoices for hire of transport can be paid by the local club with reimbursement from HASSRA Wales if applicable requested via HASSRA Live (www.­hassra.­org.­uk). Alternatively, payment can be requested directly to the company from HASSRA Wales funds, again via HASSRA Live. In this case a copy of the invoice will be required along with details showing reasons for the travel.

If travel is required by car, members will be expected to car share if travelling to an event from a similar area or in a similar direction. HASSRA Wales will pay £0.25 per mile for the driver with a further £0.05 per mile paid for the 1st passenger only.


If travelling by coach/train each member is expected to contribute the first £5.00 of any cost of their journey.

If travelling by car £5.00 per person for each person (driver or passenger claiming expenses) is expected to contribute to the cost of their journey.