HASSRA Falkirk run various competitions throughout the year. Check this page for the latest on any upcoming compe­titions.

For more information on HASSRA Falkirk compe­titions, just email the HASSRA Falkirk mailbox.

Euro2020 Predictions Competition

To celebrate Scotland being part of a major tournament for the first time in a generation, we’re holding a EURO2020 Predictions Competition.

We are offering cash prizes - £50 for the winner, £30 for second place, and £20 for third place.

All you have to do is predict the winning team for 8 selected matches, and tell us who you think will win the cup, who will be the runner-up, and who will score the most goals.

EURO2020 Poster

How do I enter?

Entering is easy (and FREE) – just fill out this page with your name, membership number, and your predictions.

Once you’ve registered, email your team name and membership number to John Jenkins.

The competition is only open to HASSRA Falkirk members.

Good Luck!

Previous Competitions

HASSRA Falkirk's Valentines Challenge

If you have time,
Why don't you send us a rhyme,
If you're picked as the winner,
We'll pay for your dinner.

HASSRA Falkirk are celebrating St Valentine's Day with a poetry competition. Send us a short (work-safe) poem to be in with the chance of winning dinner on us, courtesy of a £25 Just East give voucher.

HASSRA-Falkirk-2020-Halloween-Lantern-Competition - Newsletter

To enter, just send your poem and membership number to hassra.falkirk@dwp.gov.uk.

The competition is open to HASSRA Members based in Falkirk Service Centre, including associate members who have left or retired from DWP. Winners will be announced by Valentine's Day.

HASSRA Falkirk's 12 Prizes Of Christmas

HASSRA Falkirk are giving away 12 cash prizes next week to celebrate Christmas. We will be giving away 3 prizes - £50, £25, and £10 on each of the 4 days leading up to Christmas Day, and all you need to do is play along with some trivia and puzzles.

HASSRA-Falkirk-2020-Halloween-Lantern-Competition - Newsletter

We will be issuing each day's challenge via email - so check your profile on HASSRA Live to make sure you have the right email address recorded. We will also be posting them in our Facebook group, on Twitter, and on Instagram, so make sure you're following us to avoid missing out.

The competition is open to HASSRA Members based in Falkirk Service Centre, including associate members who have left or retired from DWP. Winners will be announced by Boxing Day.

HASSRA Falkirk Halloween Lantern Competition

To celebrate Halloween during these difficult times, HASSRA Falkirk held a Halloween Lantern competition with 3 cash prizes: £25, £10, and £10.

To enter, we asked members to send us a photo of there Halloween Lanterns - be they pumkins, turnips, or crafted.

HASSRA-Falkirk-2020-Halloween-Lantern-Competition - Newsletter

We have now selected the winner and 2 runners-up.­  Congra­tula­tions to Rowan Eadsforth, and runners-up Yvonne Carr and Lisa Morris! The entries were all of a fantastic standard - thank you to everyone who entered. You can see the entries received below;

Picture A - Part 1Picture A - Part 2

Picture B

Picture C - Part 1Picture C - Part 2

Picture E

Picture E

Picture E

Picture G

Picture H

Picture I

Picture J - Part 1Picture J - Part 2

Picture K

Picture L - Part 2


Winners will  need to email us their digital HASSRA Membership Number and bank details to claim their prizes.