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HASSRA Fylde Chairperson Vacancy


For over 75 years HASSRA has had a dynamic and active presence within the Fylde coast civil service community, serving both current and retired members.  We are proud of our past achievements and ongoing activities as an active Regional association, and the support we offer to our membership, ranging from Clubs, trips, competitions and events.

We are currently seeking a HASSRA FYLDE Chairperson to help drive forward our ambitions over the next few years, represent FYLDE interests both at National level and to help grow our membership and promote the benefits of HASSRA.

Working alongside the HASSRA FYLDE Board of Management (BoM), as the Chairperson, your role will be to:

  • Represent HASSRA FYLDE interest at National level;
  • Help promote and grow HASSRA membership;
  • Help coordinate our Regional programme of Activities;
  • Support Clubs and Volunteers;
  • Oversee our Financial accounts and reporting.

This will be a voluntary role and open to all Civil Servants, past and present across the Fylde.  Our membership covers offices in Blackpool, Hesketh House, Ryscar, Tomlinson House and Jobcentres across the Fylde.


The post will require approximately 2-5 hours activity per week.  For existing civil servants, agreement with Line Management for ‘in work’ time or ‘special leave’ should be discussed if required, although normally HASSRA activities are outside of normal duties.  A supporting letter from the HASSRA Regional President can be requested.

How to apply:

Expressions of Interests (EOI) should be sent to Mark Bell, HASSRA FYLDE President, at mark.bell@dwp.gov.uk

EOIs should include a short description of your reason for applying, related experience and any previous HASSRA involvement. (250 words approx)

Depending on number of applications, a discussion with a small selection panel may be required. Job share applications will also be considered.

For further information on the role, please contact

Mark Bell (HASSRA Fylde President) on 07568 334437

Martin Gale (HASSRA Fylde Vice-Chair) on 07791 625050

Simon Jowitt (HASSRA Fylde Events Co-ordinator) on 07843 667981

A closing date for applications is 12/11/23.

Terms of Reference for the Regional Chairperson

 The key respon­sibi­lities of the role are:

  1. To lead and promote the Regional Association through the regional Board of Management (BOM), working in conjunction with National HASSRA, attending National Chairs Meetings as scheduled.
  2. To attend regional board of management meetings and regional annual general meeting (or provide a deputy who is properly informed and mandated)
  3. To attend the national annual general meeting (or provide a deputy).
  4. Mandatory liaison with:
  • National Chairperson (at telekits and face-to-face meetings)
  • Field Operations Manager (to provide a conduit between regional committees and the National HASSRA Senior Management Team and National Board of Management)
  • Regional President ensuring a Strategic approach to the management of the regional association
  • Senior Departmental Managers to ensure their continued support
  1. To satisfy his/­herself/­themself that the regional association's finances are soundly based and that all transactions are properly accounted for and managed in accordance with the requirements of the Staff Clubs Guide.
  2. Accountability for the affairs of the Regional Association and to encourage the continuing development of the Regional Association by ensuring that an appropriate programme of events is agreed at the start of the HASSRA year.
  3. Ensuring the Regional Finance Manager has all the information to enable them to complete the regional accounts and to satisfy themselves of compliance with agreed procedures including random checks of financial statements and audit reports.