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HASSRA Fylde are looking for two members to join the Fylde Board of Management.

The Fylde Regional Board of Management (BoM) is made up of of Full Members, National Associate Members (NAM) and Retired Members, elected at the Annual General Meeting [AGM]. The BoM is responsible for overseeing the running of HASSRA activity within the region, with members taking on a variety of roles and respon­sibi­lities, meeting a minimum of 5 times a year (AGM, plus Quarterly meetings)

There are two roles we are looking to fill:

Role 1: Lead for HASSRA Activities at Peel Park

As lead at Peel Park you would be responsible for promoting and publicising HASSRA activities to members based there, liaising with Wellbeing teams, helping to organise HASSRA events, and any other duties that may be required as a BoM member.

Role 2: Lead for Clubs and Regional Associate Members

As lead you would be responsible for promoting and publicising HASSRA activities to our Single Activity Clubs and their Members.  Addi­ti­onally, you will liaise with Club leads to ensure HASSRA procedures and guidelines are adhered to and the clubs are fully engaged as part of the wider region, and any other duties that may be required as a BoM member.

What does HASSRA gain from YOU?

  • Talent, Experience & Skills to help achieve the goal of providing a varied, inclusive programme of sports and social activities for ALL members;

What do YOU gain from HASSRA?

  • An opportunity to develop and demonstrate IT, commu­nica­tion and orga­nisa­tional skills, and gain new skills;
  • The benefits of leading and working as part of a team;
  • The opportunity to make new contacts – both social and work based – and to be a positive influence on HASSRA and your employer;
  • Personal satis­fac­tion: delivering a successful event and providing an excellent service;
  • Development Scheme sponsorship for training or to develop your skills;
  • Personal feedback for appraisal purposes and something to add to your CV!

If you would be interested in this rewarding challenge, or would like further information, please contact us at HASSRA.FYLDEINBOX@DWP.GOV.UK*

*Please do not mark your email as Private as we will not be able to view it.


The Coronavirus emergency is currently impacting us all, in many areas of our lives and HASSRA is no exception with many events, trips and shows cancelled and membership benefits impacted locally and nationally.

These developments may be inconvenient and disruptive, but your safety and the safety of your families, friends and colleagues must come first.

The regional inboxes will be monitored and any queries answered where possible, however for  any regular updates relating to HASSRA, please visit HASSRA National news page or check on social media.


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