Sign on to HASSRA Live

To all Members of South East HASSRA

Important – Please read and action if necessary

Members who have not yet activated their account on HASSRA Live

A number of members have still to activate their HASSRA Live account. You must do so in order to continue to use the Online Shop to purchase discounted tickets and e-codes, access our Offers and Discounts page for fantastic exclusive deals, purchase HASSRA Lottery tickets and download your brand new digital membership card from the MY PROFILE page.

To activate your account please go to https://­www.­hassra.­org.­uk/ and click on “sign in”. The process to activate your account depends on whether you had a HASSRA on-line shop account previously so please read the on-screen instructions carefully.

Members who have activated their HASSRA Live account

Check that you are affiliated to your local club. (If you are retired you may not wish to be affiliated. It’s up to you) This will show in your MY PROFILE page.

If you are not affiliated to a club or region, they will not be receiving subsides for you. This will also mean you are not showing on the membership lists. If your club organises free draws or competitions, you will not be entered and therefore cannot win!

To access your account:

Go to www.­hassra.­org.­uk

Then “Sign in”

Click on “My Profile”

Your HASSRA Region is South East

Also check that your work location and club is displayed correctly.

If any of “Your Membership Information” is incorrect click on “Update your membership information

You will then have several options. Click on the option that applies to you and follow the instructions.

Please also ensure that your contact details are saved correctly. If we don’t have an e-mail address and phone number, we cannot contact you even if you do win anything, this may mean that your prize is offered to someone else.

Remember: When you sign on with your password always use the email address you first registered with!