National Teams – Swimming, Diving & Life Saving

CSSC Sports and Leisure stage a national swimming, diving & life saving Championship each year usually in May.

This is the main event of the CSSC swimming calendar with several smaller events including Water Polo held against the Police, Combined Services etc. Details of these can be found on the CSSC Sports and Leisure website.

Swimmers are required to compete in the CSSC National Swimming, Diving and Life Saving Champi­on­ships and HASSRA traditi­onally fields a national squad of up to 50 members ranging in age from around 21 to 71 plus. They are of all standards from those “Steady Eddy's”, who pull in a few points each but we couldn't do without, to the stars who always come in the first three of any race they enter. A great friendly crowd of people who enjoy the competition without losing sight of the fact that we want to win!

More Information

Interested? We are always looking for new swimmers, so whatever your standard please feel free to give me a call, my contact details are below…

Nick Valentine
HASSRA Swimming Team Manager
Tyneview Park
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Telephone Number: 0191 613 6848
Email: nick.valentine@dwp.gov.uk
On twitter @­Valen­ti­neNick