Venue and Timings

This will be an all-day event on Saturday 9th September. It will take place in The Rootes Building on the University Campus.

Event Format and Rules

Each region will be invited to enter one team of three people.

The teams will be drawn into two groups and each group will play on a round-robin basis. Group 1 winners will play Group 2 runners-up and vice versa will contest the semi-finals.

 Player 1 selects an envelope which contains a list of 5 objects. The other two players have 3 minutes to identify as many of the objects as possible, as illustrated by Player 1.

 A full set of rules will be issued to all competitors prior to the event.

Kit and Equipment

All necessary stationery will be provided.

Lunch will be provided and refreshments will be available to purchase.

Further Information

For further information about participation in this event or the regional qualifier, please contact your Regional Event Manager.