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Yorkshire and the Humber - News and Sports Information

CSSC Event
Refund Scheme

HASSRA Members taking part in CSSC Events

HASSRA Yorkshire & Humber will fully fund anyone holding current Membership of both HASSRA and CSSC to take part in a Regional CSSC Yorkshire Event, provided that they get prior approval from the Events / Finance committee and they wear HASSRA Yorkshire & Humber corporate colours at the Event (wherever possible).

NB. The same criteria applies in principle to CSSC National Open Events and the CSSC games. However, a decision on whether or not to fund will be taken on a case by case basis by the Regional Finance and Events Committee and will be based on affor­dability at that particular time and overall fairness.

Finacial Support Covers:

  • Entry fees into the particular event
  • Accom­moda­tion and Travel expenses (as per HASSRA travel expenses rules)
  • Meal Subsistence (as per HASSRA expenses rules)

               Action to take:

  • Identify the CSSC Event that you wish to enter.

  • E mail: HASSRA.YORKSHIREANDHUMBERSIDE@DWP.GOV.UK   to obtain confirmation that HASSRA Y & H can fund/refund the expenses and if appropriate, ask for HASSRA Y & H Kit, stating size required.
  • When confirmation is received, send in your entry fee to CSSC, as indicated on the Event information sheet.
  • After the Event, complete the HASSRA Expenses claim form , save it, then e mail it as per the instruc­tions.

    Please note, that once approval for payment has been obtained from HASSRA Y & H, no claim for expenses should be submitted to CSSC.

Sports News

 Cricket in HASSRA Yorkshire & Humber


HASSRA Yorkshire & Humber runs a vibrant cricket section throughout the year.

Commencing with the outdoor 6-a-sides, running through the summer with the 11-a-side team entered into the CSSC Curtis Bennett Cup, followed by the indoor mixed cricket and concluding with the National Indoor tournament towards the end of the year.

Whether you are a player, scorer or umpire HASSRA Yorkshire and Humber would love to hear from you.

So don’t delay……drop us an email with your interest and become part of a growing, vibrant band of HASSRA members enjoying an age old tradition!

James Myers
 Sports Orgnanisers  

Yorkshire and the Humber Events and Organisers

Here you will find a list of organisers and events that will be staged throughout 2018 at various times throughout the year and at different venues across the region.

We are looking for organisers to run some of the events - interested? If so, please email HASSRA.YANDHWEBSITE@DWP.GOV.UK  and someone will be in touch.

 Sports Reviews  

Yorkshire and the Humber Sports Reviews

Please read the latest report and results from the Y&H sports compe­titions. If you would like to display your results and/or report Please email it to HASSRA.YANDHWEBSITE@DWP.GOV.UK