Awards Committee

The HASSRA Awards Committee is made up of elected members and an officer of the HASSRA National Team. It usually meets at least once a year, but conducts much of its business via e-mail.

The Awards Committee determine applications made under the HASSRA Development Fund. It also adjudicates regions’ nominations for HASSRA’s major national awards which include ‘Best Large Club’ and ‘Best Small Club’, ‘Best Volunteer’ and ‘Best Contributor’, ‘Best Sportsperson’, ‘Best Business Sponsor’, ‘Best Region’ and the ‘DWP HASSRA Wellbeing Award’.

Awards Committee Members

Irena Gorbun Awards Committee Elected Member
Ann Nash Awards Committee Elected Member
Tina Street (Chair) Awards Committee Elected Member
Dawn Crow HASSRA National Team Representative

For further information contact the HASSRA Communications and Marketing Team.